Stories by Matthew Broersma

EU boost to open source software

The European Union (E.U.) is hoping to give the European open source software industry a competitive boost through a Euro 1.5 million (AUD$2.68m) research project kicking off this week.

Security firms question Clearswift upgrade

Clearswift has updated its popular Mailsweeper e-mail-filtering product, tightening up handling of particular compressed file formats that could be used to slip malicious code into a business network.

New IE bug causes concern

Security researchers are warning of a bug in Internet Explorer that could allow attackers to infect a PC by persuading a user to click on a Web image.

Linux vendors react to Qt flaw

Several Linux vendors have issued patches for a serious vulnerability in the widely-used Qt library, which could allow an attacker to take control of a system.

Microsoft firewall could be security risk

IT security experts and vendors have welcomed the introduction of Windows Firewall, part of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), as a valuable way of protecting PCs. But while the firewall is an improvement, it falls short of the standard of protection expected of commercial firewalls, according to some industry observers.

HP circles wagons around Apache holes

Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that its HP-UX Unix operating system contains several serious security flaws which could allow attackers to disable or take control of a server, among other things.

Big bug fix for Linux a month in coming

Linux vendors are urging users to patch a serious bug in the graphical user interface of the popular Mplayer media player application, which could allow a remote attacker to execute malicious code on a Linux or Unix system.

Linux security problems are your own fault

The biggest proportion of attacks on Linux systems come from authorized users, and most were enabled by security misconfigurations, according to a new survey of Linux developers from Evans Data.

New threat from MyDoom

The immediate threat of MyDoom.O may have tailed off, but security researchers say the worm's author is already exploiting a backdoor installed by MyDoom.O to launch further attacks.

E-commerce attack imminent

A surge in Internet scanning activity in the past week could indicate a fresh wave of attacks on e-commerce servers, UK-based Web services company, Netcraft, has warned.

WS-Security products make their way to the shelves

Reactivity and RSA Security have both leapt on the latest security spec with new products to protect Web apps -- something they hope will encourage companies to invest in software-as-a-service projects.

Cisco and Aruba jump on next-gen wireless security

Aruba Wireless Networks claims to have stolen a march on the rest of the market with support for the newly ratified 802.11i security standard, while Cisco Systems is reported to be preparing WLAN products with AES encryption, a key feature of 802.11i.

Study: Company execs admit IT idiocy

Most of the world's top executives now consider security the single most important issue for their corporate networks. While at the same nearly four in five admit they open email attachments from strangers.