Stories by Wendy Brewer

Wi-Fi Protected Access is here

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced it has completed the first round of the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) interoperability tests as part of its steps towards replacing the beleaguered WLAN security standard, known as WEP (wired equivalent privacy).

Spammers love Thursdays

Nearly half of all emails sent are spam, according to research conducted by BT Openworld and antivirus firm Brightmail Inc., and the spammers' favorite day is Thursday.

Viruses still costing businesses

The next major computer virus attack could cost SMEs in the UK as much as £2.1 billion, according to new research conducted by McAfee Security.

Web sites still not up to scratch

Many Web sites contain inaccurate and misleading information that could put visitors at risk, according to research published yesterday.

Outlook Express under threat from hackers

Antivirus firm Beyond Security Ltd. has announced a serious vulnerability within Outlook Express that can bypass the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) filtering engines used by many companies, including gateway virus scanners, content filters and firewalls.

Pop-ups are here to stay

It may seem as though pop-up ads are everywhere, but according to analysts at research firm Nielson/Netratings Inc. they only account for a small proportion of online advertising and unfortunately, they're here to stay.

You get what you pay for

American Web users appear happier paying for online content than us Brits, which could be worrying news for struggling UK Internet sites.

Top ten bugs

Anti-virus firm Sophos PLC released its list of the top ten of the world's most common viruses yesterday, with the Klez worm holding on to poll position for the fifth month running. domains up for grabs

The 11 organisations bidding to become the new owner of the domains - suffixes allocated to non-profit groups and charities - were announced yesterday by internet watchdog Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Shopping online is fraudsters paradise

A massive 97 percent of UK online retailers were victims of credit or debit card fraud last year, according to security software firm Experian Information Solutions Inc.

ICANN lays down law

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) reasserted its authority over the management and creation of new domain names in its new policy paper on Friday.

Microsoft demands yet more profit

Applications giant Microsoft Corp. is changing its software upgrade policy so that small business users will have to shell out extra cash for new software.

Online ads in UK get another watchdog

The body responsible for enforcing the U.K.'s advertising codes is to launch a website it hopes will increase customer trust in online advertising.