Stories by Deke McClelland

Doctor Your Digital Images

The digital-camera industry is booming. That's hardly surprising when you consider that a typical midrange camera (priced between US$500 and $1,000) not only is fun to use but also shoots million-pixel photographs that you can download, edit, and send to the far ends of the globe in a matter of seconds.

Illustration Program Fantastic at Flash

Prepress programs have had a hard time making themselves relevant to Web designers. The current versions of traditional print applications Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and QuarkXPress lack so much as a single Web-specific feature that another program doesn't handle more efficiently. In fact, only one application-Adobe Photoshop-has managed to gain wide acceptance among print and online professionals alike.

Real-World Blends: Create Masterful Gradients

Those of us who spend too much time staring at cathode-ray tubes can always benefit from an occasional glimpse of real life. So if you can bear to wrench your eyes away from this article, turn and look at the nearest wall-you may have to stand up and peer over your cubicle to find one. Chances are you'll see a single color of paint coating some portion of that wall. And yet you'll notice that the surface comprises a myriad of shades, with the brightest shades near the light source and the darkest ones far away. In the natural world, gradual color transitions are the norm; solid colors are something we never actually witness.