Stories by Dan Briody and Ephraim Schwartz

Microsoft Places Bet on PocketPC

Microsoft Corp. will finally unveil the third version of its Windows CE operating system for palm-size handheld devices next week at Grand Central Station in New York, and if initial analysis is any indicator, Palm Inc. may have some serious competition on its hands.

Wireless Goes Corporate

THE PUSH TO BRING wireless applications to enterprises reached a fever pitch this week. A flurry of partnerships aims to fill out the wireless picture for companies seeking to untether their employees and offer wireless Internet access.

Holidays offer lessons to online retailers

With the busiest online shopping season ever behind us, e-tailers are looking back at the numbers and finding several lessons to be learned.
Despite an impressive 37-percent increase in the number of shoppers online over the same period last year, according to Media Metrix, retailers catering to holiday shoppers have been tarnished by cases of selling out-of-stock items and of spotty customer service. In an effort to head off embarrassing snafus, companies such as Toys R Us sent out $100 gift certificates or other gifts to make up for any inconvenience that customers may have experienced.