Stories by Richard Jantz

Fantastic Flatbeds

You get what you pay for. At least that's what scanner vendors tell you when you belly up to the glass counter to buy one. Over the past couple of years, scanners haven't dropped much in price, but they now include many capabilities and features that you once paid big bucks for.

Brighten Up Your Large-Group Presentations

Today's sub-5-pound projectors are fine for road warriors who make presentations to audiences of a dozen people or less. But to deliver a presentation that has enough brightness for a larger audience in a lecture hall or conference room, you need a more powerful machine.

Inetcam Delivers High-Quality Web Video

If you want to broadcast first-rate, live video from your Web site, try Inetcam Inc.'s VTS 8500 Color Video Transmission System. At $430, it costs more than most Webcams, but it also includes a second camera, packs more features, and produces better-looking video.

New Products: Web Cameras That Offer More

Desktop cameras for sending images over the Internet come cheap these days--you can find a whole bunch for $50 to $100. But two new, higher-price USB camera systems--Creative Labs Inc.'s $150 Video Blaster WebCam Go and X10 Corp.'s $130 XRay Vision Kit--justify their premium price tags by offering additional capabilities.

Scan Anywhere With New Ultraportables

If you've ever wanted to digitize photos, business cards, or documents while on the road, you're a good candidate for a portable scanner. Until now, portable scanners have been so hefty that you had to think twice about taking them along. But two new shipping products--Antec's $149 Attache Personal Imaging Device and NEC Technologies' $149 PetiScan--simplify the decision making. Truly designed for travel, these units are the smallest, lightest color scanners we've seen, though they excel at different tasks.