Stories by Susannah Patton

Amicable Split

Companies are dividing IS staffs to better compete in the Internet race. Their Web teams may be cool, but they better stay connected to their legacy pals.

Amicable Splits for Web Strategies

Climb to the second floor of Staples Inc.'s spacious headquarters in Framingham, Mass., and you encounter two identical doors. Choose the one on the right, and you enter a traditional IS department with symmetrical gray cubicles, programmers and systems analysts working quietly at their desks or strolling intently down hallways. The tapping of keyboards interrupts a hum from the fluorescent lighting.

Home Shopping on the Web

She's impeccably dressed in a blazer and pumps. With a smile frozen on her face, she guides you through yet another charming home, shrugging slightly as you point out the cracked foundation. If you don't like this one, she'll jot down your phone number and haunt you until you buckle under the pressure.

Buddy for the Long Haul

COMPANY: PNV Inc. LOCATION: Coral Springs, Florida. PRODUCT/SERVICE: provides news, tools, community and e-commerce to the trucking industry LAUNCH: October 1999 REVENUES: FY 2000, 3Q: $4.7 million funding: Public greatest challenge: "Convincing Web designers that trucking is sexy. It was difficult to lure talent." -Steve Yevoli, President, JUDGE'S comment: "Everything a truck driver needs to do the job and stay connected: e-mail, calendar, classified listing for equipment and career columns. Overall, a comprehensive and sophisticated resource."