Stories by Robin Gareiss

Cutting the costs of VoIP

One of the key issues in implementing VoIP is cost. Until around 2005, organisations that implemented VoIP did so because of its real or perceived cost savings over traditional telephony.

Multivendor solutions on the rise

In Nemertes' current research benchmark, we're seeing a growing number of organizations adopting a multivendor strategy for their VoIP deployments.

The ROI of VoIP

It might have been slow to catch on but voice over Internet Protocol is at last grabbing the telecoms limelight, but a measure of planning and prethinking can create savings.

Listen up, vendors

Vendors and carriers trying to convince companies to buy IP telephony products or voice-over-IP services have some work to do. More than three dozen IT executives, who agreed to speak candidly about where their vendors lag in exchange for confidentiality, offered 17 suggestions and details on what companies should focus on in the new year.