Stories by Ephraim Schwartz and Dan Neel

Compaq Adds 'Push' to Handheld E-Mail Device

SAN MATEO (08/14/2000) - Compaq Computer Corp. Tuesday is set to announce the
arrival of a wireless handheld device that will be branded as part of the
company's iPaq family, according to a source close to the Houston-based company.

Trade Show Obsolescence?

Although the big trade shows such Comdex, NetWorld + Interop, and PC Expo appear on the surface to be thriving, there are indications that the pressures of ubiquitous access to information from the Internet and the changing dynamics of business requirements are having a negative impact on massive product-oriented shows.

Mobile Insights into Security

DATA ACCESS and security will be the hot topics at this year's Mobile Insights 2000 Conference in Palm Springs, Calif.

Intel pitches IA-64 to partners

The Intel Developer Forum in Palm Springs, California, this week promises to be one of the more significant milestones for the chip giant in many years.

Intel Shifting Strategy to Provide Infrastructure

As the industry continues to evolve in the wake of the Internet explosion, Intel Corp. is redefining the role it will play in the computing marketplace and for its customers. To the casual observer, it might seem that the microprocessor giant is stuck in a business model that requires its customer base to buy ever faster chips in perpetuity even as the market for faster chips is fading.

Wireless standards support slipping

The PC industry says it will deliver on its promise next year for seamless access to data anytime, anywhere, but wireless capability -- a key component to make pervasive computing a reality -- may still come up short.