Stories by Trevor Clarke

Avnet buys itX for $77.5m

Avnet has emerged as the buyer for ASX-listed itX and will pay $77.5 million to pick up the IT distributor.

Rudd Bucks caused big hit on Centrelink systems

Centrelink’s IT systems were hit by a quarter million spike in traffic in one day as a result of the Rudd Government’s stimulus measures, the Department of Human Services (DHS) deputy secretary of ICT infrastructure, John Wadeson has told business forum in Sydney.

Keep the NBN in public hands: iiNet

iiNet has joined Optus in expressing support for the Greens’ call for NBN Co to be kept in public hands, rather than sold off five years after its completion.

Opinion: We need to think in multiples on broadband

Speaking to Internode's carrier relations manager, John Lindsay, after the Opposition launched its broadband policy yesterday, I was struck by how often the debate around whether we need faster broadband than the market currently provides continues to ignore the concept of multiple devices, multiple users on one connection.

Opinion: Smith is out of his depth

Watching the Opposition party announce their alternative broadband policy and the performance of shadow communications minister, Tony Smith, during a debate on ICT issues at the National Press Club was at times excruciatingly painful.

Opposition broadband policy will create integration dramas

The Opposition’s decision to rely on a mix of technologies to deliver faster broadband infrastructure as part of its recently-announced policy could create major integration headaches for both telecommunications and ICT companies.

Opinion: Mr Turnbull, you need to do the numbers

Malcolm Turnbull’s recent claim that Australians will not want a 100Mbps connection, as offered under Labor's National Broadband Network, ignores the entire history of our access to the Internet and is recklessly misleading.