Stories by Sandra Rossi and Helen Schuller

IT managers reject claims of 'stupidity'

In a scathing attack on IT departments of mid-sized companies last week a new report found widespread mismanagement was stifling creativity and the full value of technology was unrealized.

The Golden Age of IT

Ask IT managers to nominate the Golden Age of IT and the year 2006 rates highly, well above the pre-dotcom crash days when overnight tech sensations were driving Ferraris. The more sentimental IT professionals polled in a Computerworld survey last week, preferred the mid-1980s when the office fax ruled, DOS-driven PCs were everywhere and important data was coded in Cobol and locked away on mainframes in hallowed glass rooms.

What IT managers really think about ...

On the whole IT managers are happy with their career choice, are keen to investigate Wi-Fi technology and admit there is still plenty of work to do when it comes to application integration.