Stories by Paul Brislen

Sales figures fiddled, Toshiba claims

Research firm IDC is playing down allegations by Toshiba that some vendors are inflating their sales figures in the cut-throat Australia-New Zealand notebook market.

It's the smaller disasters that matter

Mention disaster recovery to most businesses and they automatically start to think about power failures, earthquakes or some kind of nationwide catastrophe. It's because of that attitude, says Plan-B founder and director Martin Wellesley, that disaster recovery plans tend to be vague and ultimately not worth the paper they're printed on.

New Zealand set for 15Mps ADSL this year

Telecom New Zealand is set to roll out ADSL2+ broadband services later this year, offering speeds of up to 15Mbit/s for download, dwarfing today's maximum of 2Mbit/s over Telecom's copper lines.

Ihug flogs off satellite service

Ihug has sold its broadband satellite service to an Australian company, closing one of the longest chapters in New Zealand broadband history.

Google hires top Firefox talent

The New Zealand engineer who spear-headed development work on Firefox, the browser that is causing Microsoft quite a few headaches, has a new job. Unfortunately, Ben Goodger can't say what it is he'll be doing for the search engine giant.

LOTR nearly rules them all

Forget number eight fencing wire - the premiere of the final part of Lord of the Rings made it to air thanks mostly to CAT5 cabling.

NZ ISPs not impressed with Verisign "typo-squatting"

In one fell swoop Verisign, the US based company that manages the .com and .net name spaces, has managed to assist spammers while simultaneously upsetting Microsoft, AOL and practically all the world's network operators.