Stories by Nancy Gohring

Sun adds support for open-source Java database

Sun Microsystems is incorporating its open-source Java DB database into the latest version of the Sun Java Enterprise System, it announced Tuesday. The company also announced that a plug-in for Java DB will come with NetBeans IDE 5.0, an upcoming version of its software development environment.

Researchers work on low-cost 4G

Researchers in Dublin and scientists from Bell Labs will collaborate as part of a government-funded effort to explore new applications for 4G (fourth-generation) mobile phone technology and ways to ensure low-cost service delivery.

Broadband mobile wireless standard approved

The standard for the broadband wireless technology known as mobile WiMax has been approved. Mobile WiMax networks will allow customers to wirelessly access the Internet anywhere they may be in a city.

IAnywhere upgrades remote access platform

IAnywhere Solutions on Tuesday introduced the latest version of M-Business Anywhere, the platform that enables remote access to corporate databases. M-Business Anywhere 6.0 adds support for Asian languages, enables remote client software upgrades and supports Web services integration.

'Hotspots of the world unite' says Fon

Fon calls itself a movement. It has a manifesto and uses words like solidarity and revolution. The design of Fon's Web site is reminiscent of Soviet propaganda art. Fon comes complete with its own lingo, with participants known as Foneros, Bills, Linuses and Aliens.

Concerns raised over Perl security flaw

Dyad Securit on Wednesday posted an advisory about a potentially serious flaw in the open-source scripting language Perl but some security experts say they find the vulnerability unlikely.

Trolltech supports VoIP on Linux phones

Trolltech AS, the maker of application development platforms for Linux devices, on Tuesday released support for voice over Wi-Fi in its Qtopia Phone Edition 2.2 software.

Swedish Post to go wireless

Following in the footsteps of commercial package delivery companies like FedEx or United Parcel Service of America, Sweden Post is in the process of deploying wireless handhelds for delivery workers. The new system is expected to increase efficiency and allow customers to easily track packages online.

Gemplus, Orange offer 128MB SIM card

In a vote of confidence for new high-capacity SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards, Orange SA this month will start to offer handsets by Sagem Communication that include a Gemplus International SA SIM card capable of storing 128M bytes of data.

Vodafone first-half revenue grows 9 percent

Vodafone Group reported an increase in revenue for the six month period ending Sept. 30, although problems in Japan continued to inhibit the company's growth, the company announced Tuesday.

New mobile Linux group launches

A group of companies launched the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum on Monday. It's the newest effort to create standards aimed at fostering the use of Linux on mobile devices.