Stories by JoAnne Robb

Your Pictures Ought To Be in Yahoo

Here are two ideas that don't fit together: "busy professional" and "errands." The only gifts you give are the books you can order (and have wrapped) at And you even buy groceries online while you wolf down your lunch.

Let the Web Talk for You

The phone rings. Since you don't have caller ID, and it isn't the time of day when telemarketers normally call (that would be dinnertime), you just do the old-fashioned thing and pick up the phone. Whadd'ya get? A strange computerized voice that says, "Hello. JoAnne Robb has sent you a talking message."

Readers Sound Off on the Microsoft Case

Do not pass Go. Do not collect 2 billion dollars. Do not charge different PC vendors different prices for Windows. As the antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. nears its end, we recognize that Microsoft and the Justice Department aren't the only players in this grown-up Monopoly game: Every Windows user has a stake in it.