Stories by Hane C. Lee

AOL favourite to muscle in on Napster's territory

While Napster Inc.'s lawyers grapple with the site's increasing legal headaches, rivals are salivating at the prospect of gobbling up Napster users. A gaggle of opportunists - from obscure start-ups to major music labels - are building music-subscription services of their own to rival the model that Napster plans to launch in July.

The Web Gets a Dose of Reality

He outwitted, outplayed and outlasted his rivals, but Survivor winner Richard Hatch wasn't the favored bet. Visitors to CBS Corp.'s Survivor Web site predicted nearly five to one that Rudy, the 72-year-old retired Navy Seal, would go home with the million bucks.

Can Syndication Save Content?

Last month, internet content aggregator and distributor Screaming Media went public, raising US$60 million. In a rocky market, this rare completion of a content-related IPO raises the question: Is content king again? "Whether it is or it isn't, there's an enormous demand for it," says Andrew Ross, executive VP at "And there's even some willingness to pay for some of it."

RealNetworks Dips into Subscriptions

In a move that underscores its transformation from a software maker into a media company, RealNetworks Inc. has launched a subscription service.

NBCi Lays Off 20% of Staff

Two weeks after beating analyst estimates in its second-quarter earnings report, NBCi has laid off about 170 employees, or 20 percent of its staff, according to sources within the company.

AltaVista Tunes In

AltaVista Co. has taken the wraps off an extensive entertainment search center in hopes of drawing what has proven to be an enormous audience for online music and video.

City Guide Puts Nightlife at Your Fingertips

Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch Inc. is putting things into your hands. And it's not alone. Starting Friday, a service called Local Intelligence will give users mobile access to TMCS' content and ticketing capabilities. The company already distributes CitySearch reviews and profiles to handheld devices, but Local Intelligence adds a transaction function to the mix.