Stories by Steve Jefferson

Save remote IT support costs with Mark II

Remote offices pose tricky support problems for IT departments. Although they require the same day-to-day support services as the main office, remote office budgets often aren't large enough to hire a dedicated IT employee. In short, remote office IT support can cause pain to the corporate IT budget or require one employee in each branch office to become the local IT hero.

Groove takes groupware to new level

Years ago, Lotus Development's Notes creator Ray Ozzie envisioned a killer application that would allow employees to use group-based software to work on a project simultaneously. Although Notes is nothing to sneeze at, the client/server model on which it is based hampered it from revolutionising the way we work together.

The Desktop Revolution

No single piece of technology is more important to the e-business economy than the lowly personal computer. We've burned through countless new business paradigms through the years, but the humble PC has always played a crucial role. Yet PC makers have done little to advance these omnipresent machines since their inception 20 years ago.

Two Approaches to Web-Based Learning

Corporate training has taken the business world by storm as employers recognize the underlying ROI that can result from a highly trained workforce. And the latest industry buzz in the training world centers around two types of Web-based electronic learning: Web-based live or self-paced learning.

Acrobat Messenger: the document specialist

If you have been waiting for the digital revolution to eliminate the reams, if not mountains, of paper that pass through your departments and workgroups, it's time to face the facts: paper is not going away.

Solaris Integrates Like a Charm

Although Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris has long been recognized as a solid platform for hosting IP-based applications, the acid test in its usefulness to the corporate world is based on its capability of working with other network operating systems.

Acrobat Messenger: the Document Specialist

If you have been waiting for the digital revolution to eliminate the reams, if not mountains, of paper that pass through your departments and workgroups, it's time to face the facts: Paper is not going away. If anything, increased computer use probably has led to a rise in the number of documents that are printed, copied, collated, and mailed -- at significant cost to your company.

IBM PC 300PL a Real Cost-Saver

Desktop management is the black hole of every corporate IT department, swallowing horrendous amounts of time and energy with its irresistible pulling force. The time your staff spends on what are often menial tasks wastes their talents and diverts their attention from more important work. Although you'll never be able to control the actions of your users, you can free up valuable time by installing systems that were built with the IT department, and not the gamer, in mind.

Solaris 8 Keeps Web Apps Online

Keeping your Internet services running reliably may be the essence of your company's business. Your revenues, partnerships, and employees may depend on your ability to stay online. Furthermore, the rapid growth of Internet business has sparked a parallel requirement for infrastructure that can cope with the new economy's demands.

Linksys Connects, Protects Branch Users

Perhaps the biggest challenge in supporting a branch office is finding a manageable way to offer it the same networking services that your headquarters enjoy. To set up a LAN with full Internet access and a firewall requires a complicated mix of hardware and software. The cost of installing and managing these systems is unreasonable for a remote office of 10 or fewer people. Link-sys, a brand synonymous with affordable networking, steps up to this challenge with its EtherFast Cable/DSL Router, a tool that provides remote connectivity at a knockout price.

Jazzy Director Puts Wow in Web Sites

IF HEARING the words Macromedia Director and Shockwave make you think of electronic crossword puzzles, color-me-Elmo Web sites, and other childish applications, you are making a mistake. Director 8 Shockwave Studio is also a formidable tool for creating serious business applications. In the latest incarnation, several important improvements make Director 8 worth a close look from anyone in charge of a Web site, even a buttoned-down corporate site.