Stories by Ed Scannell

Microsoft delivers Windows Vista beta

After four long years of talking the talk, Microsoft on Wednesday gave the outside world its first official look at its next generation operating system, shipping Beta 1 Release of the recently renamed Windows Vista.

IBM boosts search in WebSphere Commerce Server

IBM next month will ship new versions of its WebSphere Commerce Express server aimed at both large and small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs). The versions will come with a search-engine optimization feature that enables spidering technology within popular search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

HP rolls out improved identity suite

Hewlett-Packard beefed up its OpenView identity management suite of applications on Wednesday with a number of federation and compliance features, and also announced it has agreed to extend its existing technical agreement with Citrix Systems.

IBM adds range partitioning to Viper

Hoping it will persuade Oracle database users to migrate over to DB2, IBM will add range partitioning to the next version of the product, code-named Viper, expected to go into widespread beta in August or September.

Microsoft to ship Longhorn with RSS

Microsoft has announced its intention to fully support the RSS Web publishing standard in its next generation version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, along with plans to help application developers more easily create RSS-enabled applications for Windows.

IBM beefs up clustering options

Hoping to strengthen its position in the clustering market, IBM on Wednesday rolled out a new version of its eServer Cluster 1350 powered by AMD's dual-core Opteron chip. Company officials contend the offering will give users access to a broader range of higher-end applications.

Remote-management package delivers Web-based help desk

3am Labs extended its line of remote management products on Monday, delivering a Web-based help desk platform that allows administrators to gain control of a remote system to resolve problems without having to preinstall any software.

Macrovision tool automates software delivery

Macrovision on Monday delivered software that helps IT administrators simplify the process of automating the simultaneous installation and configuration of multiple software products that are part of a complex environment.

VMware debuts ISV network

VMware on Monday launched an online virtual infrastructure and resource center for corporate and third-party developers that is intended to help speed applications development and testing.

Office 12 to include XML file formats

In a move that could bring a chorus of both cheers and jeers, Microsoft has announced its commitment to adopt XML technology as the default file format in the next version of Office, code-named Office 12, due to enter beta later this year.

Alpha tool aids MySQL development

Hoping to take out much of the typical toil associated with building and deploying browser-based database applications for the MySQL database, Alpha Software on Thursday unwrapped a tool that allows developers and nonprogrammers alike to do so significantly faster.

IBM unveils privacy software

Claiming a technology breakthrough in privacy and security, IBM on Tuesday introduced software that allows corporate users to share information with each other and government agencies without having to reveal private personal details.

IBM bundles blades with Express applications

Describing it as a "Lego-like" approach to building on-demand IT systems, IBM on Tuesday unveiled a product that combines the company's blade servers bundled with its Express line of applications.

IBM rolls out security apps for SMBs

Hoping to address the two most pressing concerns among SMBs, namely security and compliance, IBM on Tuesday is rolling out a series of bundled applications and managed services offerings to be part of its Express line of offerings.