Stories by Rawn Shah

Linux Software and Servers

Linuxlab (not to be confused with another company, Linuxlabs), announced new 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 servers. MathSoft has released a Linux version of S-PLUS -- a statistical data mining package that analyzes large sets of numbers such as Web traffic, sales numbers, and virtually anything else numerical. API Networks, which as the former Alpha Processor made the Digital Alpha processor, has released a new dual-processor model for OEMs that fits into a 1U chassis. ZeroG, makers of InstallAnywhere, an application software distribution package, released version 3.5 of its Enterprise Edition.

Voyager IIi Makes Transporting Easy

Sun Microsystems Inc. Solaris laptops are for the über-geeks of the Sun world. They offer most of the functions of a Solaris environment in a portable unit that you can carry with you. Sort of. They also tend to be heavy, hot, and expensive, leaving them to those truly determined individuals with the most dire on-the-go need for a SPARC/Solaris environment.

The Next Great Net Connection

I have had DSL in my home office for about 18 months now, and I've decided to ditch it. Why, you ask? Am I having too many connection problems? Does my ISP have uplink bandwidth issues? Are my networked computers responding badly to the DSL modem?

Flat Monitor From Samsung Does It All

There's no denying it: size matters. Anyone that says otherwise is just being civil. Psychologists might call it an inferiority complex, but in this case, the smaller it is, the better!

New Protocol Makes Web Design Easier

If you have tried to develop a Webpage lately, it is unlikely that you still used the ancient technique of directly writing HTML tags and creating documents in a text editor. Today, there are numerous WYSIWYG editors for general Webpage design and coding. Those tools have done for Webpage creation what WYSIWYG editors did for text editing years ago, and have brought Webpage creation to the masses in a simple, elegant manner.

Satellite Internet Service: Worth the Billions?

Service providers have wanted to bypass terrestrial networks and political domains for years, but the cost of the necessary equipment alone is estimated to be not in the millions of dollars, but in the billions. Add to that the risks of a pioneer market, and an investor's concern can be easily understood.

Are Storage Service Providers the Answer?

Storage service providers (SSPs) have added a new facet to the growing e-commerce industry. By providing managed storage services for customers, they make it easier to quickly ramp up a customer's storage needs for a new project or business. However, the provider has some issues to overcome.

SCO Tarantella runs, not crawls, over the Web

Making a Web browser that acts as your computer's complete interface and operating system has long been many vendors' unrealized dream. While some, such as Microsoft, have brought Web functionality to the desktop, none has come quite so close as SCO with its recent release of Tarantella. Rawn loads it on his Sun Ultra 10 and gives his take on its capabilities -- and limitations.