Stories by Gary Rivlin

Leading Internet Indicators: Porsches, Real Estate

Visiting the Porsche dealership in Palo Alto is the Sunday act of faith for Silicon Valley's true believers. And the Sunday after the Nasdaq's Big Dip, Carlsen Motor Cars was as busy as ever. Ron Burton, a Carlsen veteran, was in an upbeat mood, having already booked several sales that morning. Burton had endured a steep drop-off in sales in the early 1990s, when Apple Computer and the rest of the Valley tanked. He had suffered a slew of cancelled orders after Netscape's 1996 crash.

Silicon Valley's Dirty Side

Guadalupe Herrera puts in more than her share of late nights at Cisco Systems Inc., but don't count her among that company's paper millionaires. For the past 14 months, Herrera has worked from 6:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. emptying the trash, cleaning the latrines and wiping down the work areas of the senior programmers who are paid a starting salary somewhere between $100,000 and $125,000. Herrera, by contrast, makes less than $17,000 a year.

Mystery Revealed

A woman dressed in black and wearing a beret stands in the corner of the amphitheater applying makeup to the faces of those about to take the stage. Executives from Transmeta shift nervously from foot to foot as the room fills with the 200 or so reporters and analysts attending the first press event in the history of this supersecret four-year-old company.