Stories by Ann Harrison

Hearing Spotlights Clash

The U.S. Copyright Office conducted two days of contentious public hearings at Stanford University last week to consider legal exemptions that would permit some circumvention of copy-protection schemes.

Motorola, Certicom ink elliptic crypto deal

In an effort to offer secure e-commerce on mobile devices over a range of wireless network technologies, Motorola in Schaumburg, Illinois, has announced an alliance with Certicom in Hayward, California, for a large-scale deployment of Certicom's elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC).

Outlook Virus Patch Touches Other Apps

Microsoft Corp. this week announced that it will issue a patch for its popular Outlook e-mail client that's aimed at preventing the software from propagating viruses like the "I Love You" and "Melissa" bugs. Those viruses were spread recently via e-mail attachments or Internet worms that replicated through the Outlookaddress book.

Microsoft to Issue Outlook Security Patch

Microsoft Corp. announced this week that it will issue a patch for its popular Outlook e-mail client that's aimed at preventing the software from propagating viruses like "I Love You" and Melissa. Those viruses were spread via e-mail attachments or Internet worms that replicated through the Outlook address book.

Microsoft Patches Security Hole in Office 2000

The Microsoft Office Assistant, the talking paper clip that Microsoft has cited as an example of its software innovation during the government's antitrust investigation, has been found to include a security hole that allows attackers to take over a user's computer.

ActiveX Flaw Can Help Spread Viruses

A flawed ActiveX control makes computers running Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or Microsoft Office 2000 vulnerable to virus infections on most e-mail systems even if users don't open infected attachments, according to a computer security think tank.

Summit Refines Strategies to Fight E-Crime

Almost 100 corporate security managers met with politicians and law enforcement representatives yesterday in Menlo Park, California, to refine strategies for fighting computer crime.

IT in Crosshairs of Virus, Attacks

Companies around the world scrambled to purge the "I Love You" e-mail worm and follow-on variations from their systems last week in a hoax that surpassed the Melissa virus in scope, infecting 1 million computers, according to one security firm.

'Mother's Day' Virus Variant Especially Dangerous

Of all the variations of the "I Love You" e-mail virus that emerged late last week, computer security experts said one that entices users with a come-on about a Mother's Day gift order is the most clever -- and the most dangerous.

Security Experts Provide Advice on Killing "Love"

To avoid further infections by the "I Love You" virus, security experts said yesterday, information technology managers should tell all end users to delete virus-laden e-mails from their in-boxes and from their folders of deleted files to ensure that the messages aren't mistakenly opened at a later date.

Love Virus Took Advantage of Outlook

According to a spoofed Associated Press story making the rounds today, following the worldwide spread of the "I Love You" virus, Microsoft Corp. is changing the name of its Outlook personal-productivity software to "lookOut!"

Virus Includes Password-Stealing Trojan Horse

The "I Love You" e-mail virus, which forced the shutdown of e-mail servers around the world yesterday, contains a Trojan Horse program that sent the cached Windows passwords of unsuspecting recipients who opened the virus-laden attachment to an e-mail account in the Philippines.

Wells Fargo Rolls Out Web-enabled ATMs

The person waiting in line behind you may not be entirely pleased, but Wells Fargo & Co. today announced that the automated teller machines at its banks have been recast as "street-corner portals to online information."

FBI Investigates Cyberattack Against AboveNet

As investigators continue to search for attackers who temporarily shut down eight e-commerce sites in February, another company was hit by a different type of denial-of-service attack Tuesday.