Stories by Rosie Lombardi

Futurist envisions our Wikifuture

Collaboration means more than a warm fuzzy feeling. It will be the central, defining business concept of a new type of borderless organization and the driving economic force in the 21st century. That's according to Don Tapscott, CEO of New Paradigm, a futurist think-tank based in Toronto.

Win over users' discontent

One of the stickiest issues in implementing a content management system (CMS) is getting end users to actually use it.

Roll up TVs in seven years, predicts Xerox

Imagine an IMAX-sized TV screen for your living-room that you could roll-up and down; wireless electronic wallpaper that changes colour, form and design with your mood; electronic newspapers that look and feel like real paper, thereby saving millions of trees from daily slaughter.

The doctor is always in -- on the Web

Canadians are increasingly turning to the Internet to self-diagnose their medical conditions. That's according to HealthInsider, a national survey of 2,500 Canadians conducted by IBM.

Decisions: The beginnings of a great love affair

The mid-market hasn't traditionally enjoyed a great love affair with technology. All the romance seemed to be at the big end of town where enterprises experimented with the potential benefits of IT. But today that's all changing. The SMB sector is embracing IT with both arms in a bid to accommodate rapid growth. Despite big demand, resources are small. The result? Companies are taking what they can, wherever they can get it. And ultimately, creating magic.