Stories by Tony Kontzer

Message Management

Kevin Miles might be the most efficient e-mail user around. As chief technology officer for Mix Inc.'s, a Kansas City, Mo., online marketplace for specialty retailers, Miles receives as many as 75 e-mails per day.

Round-the-Clock Staffing Strategies

Chris Huff, chief information officer for Arthur Andersen LLP's business process outsourcing unit, advises his clients to use hosting services whenever possible.

Hiring for All Hours

Say goodbye to the traditional business day. Now that networks are central to companies and the Web provides a 24-hour link to customers, suppliers and employees, IT professionals are needed around the clock. In a market already painfully thin on IT talent, what's a network executive to do?

Point and Click For Help

Amid all the wonders of the Internet age, perhaps the greatest payoff to network professionals has been this: Endless waits for bungling telephone support staff are giving way to the growth of online support. While vendors have offered online technical support for several years, a growing roster of independent sites such as Experts Exchange, LinuxCare, NoWonder and PC Support provide a timely, cost-effective and more wide-ranging source of technical information.

Career Climbing

Daniel Kloetsch served time in the management ranks, but he didn't exactly savor the experience. While it's been several years since he returned to the trenches, he vividly remembers the lessons he learned. "What that taught me was that it was not what I wanted to do," says Kloetsch, a principal engineer for in Menlo Park, Calif. "It took me away from the technology."