Stories by Dana Gardner and Ed Scannell

IBM, Microsoft in race for market

Now that Microsoft has aired its Web-development plans for Windows 2000 and IBM is about to debut its latest spate of electronic-business tools this month, the race for best Internet-commerce vendor is on and running.

IBM's app server to unite technologies

IBM in September intends to start shipping its high-end, transaction-oriented application server, WebSphere Enterprise Edition, with an emphasis on providing a coherent application development platform that ties together many of its systems and architectures.

IBM teams with Rational on e-commerce

In a move to bolster their ability to create and speed to market enterprise-scale, e-business applications, IBM has announced a marketing and development alliance with Rational Systems.

IBM to update VisualAge for Java

IBM next week will use the annual Java One show as a platform for launching its next barrage of Java-laced enterprise tools and strategies intended to help users better build and deploy e-business applications.