Stories by Anthony Doesburg

NZ approval likely for HP deal

The New Zealand Commerce Commission has a deadline of Thursday to approve or reject Hewlett-Packard New Zealand's application to acquire Compaq New Zealand.

Bandwidth call falls on deaf ears

The bandwidth-poor have told telcos they want better access to the internet. But according to Ernie Newman, head of the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ), the carriers weren't listening.

Perry delivers dope on viruses

If your mental picture of the typical virus writer is of a fat white male aged 15 to 25 with bad skin, it's not far from the truth, according to someone who's made a study of the subject over the past decade.
"From the ones I've met, that's about spot on," says David Perry. Among those he's made the acquaintance of is Robert Morris, whose worm virus brought the Internet to its knees in 1988. Perry believes Morris, who he says today has a job in information security, "was completely without evil intent".

Remote Virus Cure on Offer

Wellington, New Zealand-based security specialist Sytec Resources Ltd. will shortly begin selling an outsourced antivirus service.

Bank Finds ASP Service Comes at a Price

"Interesting" is ASB Bank IT boss Garry Fissenden's word for the rate at which ASP (application service provider) Esolutions intends charging for providing Microsoft's Office on a monthly rental basis.

Commission probes Telecom New Zealand

As Telecom New Zealand builds up to the launch of its digital subscriber line (DSL) high-speed Internet access service, it is being investigated by the Commerce Commission following a complaint of anticompetitive behaviour by a DSL rival.