Stories by James Niccolai

CEOs aim to set global rules for e-business

Chief executives from some of the world's largest telecommunications, media and computing companies were scheduled to assemble in Paris today to try and establish industry-defined guidelines which they say are necessary to allow e-commerce to flourish.

Andreessen steps down as CTO at AOL

Marc Andreessen has stepped down from the post of chief technology officer at America Online less than seven months after he took the job.

New 'Thursday' virus set to detonate December 13

A leading antivirus software vendor is warning of a new virus affecting Microsoft Word 97 that sits in a user's computer like a time bomb, set to deliver a potentially destructive payload on December 13.

Column: Linus Torvalds: Is That Real Silicon?

I was waiting in line to pick up my press badge at the first Linuxworld conference back in March when I saw a familiar, bespectacled face beside me. It was Linus Torvalds, the affable, 29-year-old creator of Linux, waiting patiently to register for the show -- waiting to register for his own show.

HP gets serious about thin-client PCs

Hewlett-Packard will take aim at what it sees as a booming thin-client market next week when the company announces a new family of thin-client computers along with a new brand name, an HP official said last week.

Sprint PCS Taps 3Com for Wireless Data Access

Sprint Corp. said today it will use technology from 3Com Corp. to offer wireless data access services to its approximately 4 million Sprint PCS (Personal Communications Services) customers in the U.S.
Sprint will use 3Com's InterWorking Function (IWF) as the underlying technology for its Wireless Web Service, which was announced earlier this month and is due to be rolled out nationwide in late September. The wireless service will provide Sprint PCS customers with access to text data from the Internet and corporate intranets using a small Web browser embedded in their PCS phone, officials said.
3Com's IWF technology will also allow Sprint customers to hook up their PCS phone to a notebook computer and use it as a modem to access the Internet, saving them the expense of buying a separate wireless modem for their notebook, officials said.

MCI WorldCom, Cisco bail ICANN out of debt

MCI WorldCom and Cisco Systems have agreed to lend $US650,000 to the nonprofit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that is helping to overhaul some of the internet's key management functions, rescuing it for the time being from financial dire straits.

IBM Readies 1GHz Chip for AS/400, RS/6000

IBM on Monday offered the first glimpse of a new processor under development for its AS/400 and RS/6000 servers called the Power4, a test version of which has been cranked up to 1GHz in IBM's laboratories, company officials said.

3Com Readies Palm Platform for Smart Phones

3Com Corp. has licensed a wireless Web browser from Inc., part of an effort to optimize its Palm Computing platform for use in a new generation of mobile phones.'s UP.Browser is based on the emerging WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), a set of technologies designed to allow mobile phones, handheld computers and other portable devices to access content and services from the Internet.

Former FCC Chairman Stands with Cable Companies

Reed Hundt, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), weighed in on the open access debate today, saying cable companies shouldn't be forced to open their networks to rival ISPs (Internet service providers).
Cable networks are seen by many as the next great hope for making broadband Internet access widely available to consumers and small businesses. Because the networks are owned by a relatively small number of large firms, ISPs including America Online Inc. (AOL) argue that they should be allowed to lease network space to offer competing broadband services.

Palm Computing Backs Emerging Wireless Protocol

3Com Corp.'s Palm Computing division has quietly thrown its weight behind the Wireless Application Protocol, an emerging technology designed to bring Web browsing capabilities to mobile phones, handheld computers and pagers.
As reported earlier this month by IDG News Service, 3Com has been eyeing WAP for use in its Palm computer, but until now it hadn't confirmed any definite plans.

Bluetooth spec for wireless links debuts

The first official specification for Bluetooth, a wireless technology for providing high-speed connections between mobile computers, telephones and other networked devices, was released yesterday by companies backing the effort.

Clinton signs Y2K Act into Law

US President Bill Clinton signed into law on Tuesday the so-called Y2K Act, a bill designed to reduce frivolous lawsuits related to year 2000 computer problems.
"This is extraordinary, time-limited legislation designed to deal with an exceptional and unique circumstance of national significance - the Y2K computer problem," Clinton said in a White House statement.