Stories by James Niccolai

3Com chief urges caution ahead

Listening to Eric Benhamou talk about the converged, digital future, you wonder sometimes whether he wants it to happen at all.

RealNetworks Inks Deals with Universal, Sony

RealNetworks Inc. announced an alliance today with Universal Music Group, one of the world's "Big Five" recording companies, in a deal expected to accelerate the availability of mainstream music on the Internet.

Cisco Brings Networked Homes a Step Closer

Cisco Systems Inc. will release a new family of products this year aimed at helping consumers build high-speed networks in the home, an initiative supported by Sun Microsystems Inc., GTE Corp. and appliance maker Whirlpool Corp., Cisco said.

Intel to Offer 'Net Appliances by Mid-Year

Intel Corp. will enter the home-appliance market later this year when it plans to release a simplified computer allowing consumers to make telephone calls over the Internet, the company announced today.

Panasonic to Offer Dual-Mode Internet Phone

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., which makes the Panasonic brand, has partnered with Net2Phone Inc. to develop a dual-mode telephone that lets users make calls over both traditional long-distance networks and the Internet, the companies announced today.

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble to Deliver eBooks

Microsoft Corp. will announce a partnership tomorrow with book retailer Barnes & Noble Inc. that will lead to an "explosion" of interest in electronic books, Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp.'s chairman and chief executive officer, said at the Consumer Electronics Show here tonight.

Gates Puts Microsoft at Center of Digital World

Microsoft Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bill Gates offered his vision tonight of a wired, digital world in which information can be accessed easily from any device in the home, in the car or outdoors. At the center of that world, of course, will be Microsoft software.

Lycos buys stake in e-commerce applications firm

Lycos has agreed to buy a 14 per cent stake in privately-held Internet Commerce Services (iComs), which provides outsourced applications services to help businesses sell goods and services over the 'Net, iComs officials said.

Revellers Awake to Find the World in One Piece

New Year revellers around the globe are awaking this morning to find power supplies on, telephones working, and aircraft safely aloft, after the worst fears about Year 2000 computer problems failed to materialize -- for the time being, at least.

UK bank hit early by Y2K bug, may face lawsuit

HSBC Holdings may face legal action from thousands of angry UK retailers after a Year 2000 computer problem on Wednesday temporarily disabled credit card terminals distributed by the UK-based bank.

AOL to buy for $1.1 billion

America Online yesterday said it plans to acquire, a provider of online mapping and navigation services, in an all-stock transaction valued at about $US1.1 billion.