Stories by Rick Wray

Reuters will forge ahead with Instinet IPO

Reuters Group has announced that it is pressing ahead with the flotation of its electronic brokering operation Instinet despite the turbulent state of the world's stock markets.

Ericsson suffers as delays to broadband shrink demand

News that L.M. Ericsson Telephone Co. is expecting to bleed hundreds of millions of euros in the first three months of this year is further evidence of the pain mobile operators are suffering as they wait for broadband to arrive.

British Tel Unveils Partial Breakup

British Telecom PLC is taking the next step in its restructuring, unveiling a timetable of public offerings and the sale of non-core assets in a bid to raise $US14.23 billion. But the company has stopped short of the full breakup that analysts were hoping for. Instead it has created a holding company that would remain a majority shareholder in all the units to go public.

BT and AT&T Strive for the Right Connection

British Telecommunications PLC and AT&T Corp. have been talking for more than five weeks about ways to deepen their existing relationship. The negotiations have focused on merging their business services divisions, although speculation persists that a full merger could be in the cards. But here in London the concern is that the companies will produce a compromise similar to the Concert deal with MCI.

Invensys Is Also Stricken by Pink-Slip Fever

Attempts to reposition an old-style engineering business as a high-tech engineering company does not come without some pain, as 2,000 to 3,000 Invensys PLC (IVNSY) workers in the U.S. and Mexico will find out during the next month when the company hands out the pink slips.

Online Investing Goes Offshore

The battle for the wallets of Europe's online private investors has shifted up a gear with the emergence of brokers based in countries with favorable tax regimes. Offering the privacy and discretion usually found in long-established "blue chip" private banks, these operations are targeting a lucrative niche in the online investment world. Says Let's Fire Them

The axe has fallen at another European b-to-c site. NV, the consumer goods site that claims to reduce prices through aggregate buying, has announced plans to make 20 percent of its workforce redundant in an attempt to reduce costs.