Stories by Scarlet Pruitt.

Report: AOL probed for aiding others financial fraud

Federal investigators' probe into America Online Inc.'s (AOL) accounting practices has been broadened to include "aiding and abetting" other companies in artificially boosting their revenue, according to a news report released Wednesday.

Liberty Alliance reveals architecture plans

The Liberty Alliance Project released details outlining its federated identity-management architecture Tuesday, in a move that it said would help companies resolve technical issues encountered when building the foundation for Web services.

Yahoo sharpens spam-fighting weapons

Users of Yahoo's e-mail service can expect to see even less spam cluttering their inboxes, the company said, now that it has bolstered its proprietary SpamGuard filter.

Easyspace offers early registration for .cn domains

Saying it's offering customers a jump into China's burgeoning online market, domain name registrar Easyspace Ltd. began offering preregistrations for ".cn" addresses Monday, which will be open for the taking on March 16.

Court rules online porn law unconstitutional

A U.S. federal appeals court has ruled that a law seeking to protect children from online pornography was not constitutionally sound because it limits Web publishers' free speech.

For Microsoft, it's 'Greenwich' beta time

Microsoft is set to make a showing in the enterprise instant messaging (IM) and collaboration market Thursday with the release of a beta version of its real-time communications server software technology, code-named "Greenwich."

Google counters suit over lowered search rankings

In a case that underscores the increasing importance search rankings have on business, Google Technologies Inc. is fighting to dismiss a lawsuit claiming that it purposely devalued the search rankings of online advertising network Search King Inc.