Stories by Elizabeth Wasserman

10 to Watch: Jim Gilmore & Michael Leavitt

Both embrace the Internet. Both are tax-cutting governors. And both are considered rising GOP stars. But when it comes to Internet sales taxes, Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore and Utah Gov. Michael Leavitt are as different as, well, as donkeys and elephants.

Source: Feds prefer Microsoft breakup to make up

A consensus appears to be emerging among government prosecutors in settlement talks with Microsoft that they propose the company be broken up, as opposed to proposing behavioral modifications, a state source confirmed.

Indiana AG Joins Tech Lobby

The attorney general of Indiana announced Wednesday that he is resigning to lead the Democratic political arm of the Technology Network, or TechNet, a prominent Silicon Valley high-tech lobby group.

Candidates Cagey on New Issues

Records show former U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley collected more campaign funds in Silicon Valley through the third quarter of last year than any other presidential candidate. The Democratic contender also netted more contributions over the Internet than anyone else, surpassing $1.2 million.

Controversy follows ICANN to Chile

Five thousand miles away from a US Congress that's been probing its actions, the internet's new governance organisation, meeting here on Wednesday, failed to escape the swirl of controversy and criticism that has marked the privatisation of the internet's addressing system at every stage.

FCC Getting a Net Makeover

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission today issued a five-year restructuring proposal to Congress that seeks to bring the regulatory bureaucracy into the Internet age. The agency says it wants to be a "one-stop digital shop" for quick and easy form-filing, decision-making and automated access to information.
The plan, entitled "A New FCC for the 21st Century," calls for the agency to redefine its mission to reflect the development of U.S. communications markets. Vigorous competition over the next five years will reduce the need for direct regulation, the FCC says. And just as the Internet and other new technologies have eroded the distinctions between different sectors of the communications industry, the FCC proposes a reorganization of its bureaus.

FTC will use survey to examine privacy issues

The US Federal Trade Commission will rely on an upcoming industry-funded survey of commercial Web sites to determine whether to recommend privacy protections to Congress, FTC chairman Robert Pitofsky said on Tuesday.

MS/DOJ: Govt. to Rest After Document Blitz

The U.S. government and 19 states prepared to rest their broad antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. this afternoon after their lead economist testified that consumers have been harmed by lack of choice in the Internet browser market and higher costs to Microsoft's competitors.

MS/DOJ: Gates Denies Coercing Apple

Despite being confronted with internal e-mail messages to and from him, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates repeatedly denied he was out to coerce Apple Computer Inc. to "undermine" rivals and to threaten to cancel a key Macintosh application as a bargaining chip.
The testimony was introduced into evidence in the government's antitrust trial against Microsoft Corp. in the form of portions of Gates' videotaped deposition taken in August.