Stories by Anton Chuvakin

Where the truth is: Logs and breach-disclosure laws

Stories detailing the theft of personal information from enterprise databases have filled our news for years and are reaching almost unbearable intensity and frequency. Even back in 2005, it was reported that more than 55 million Americans had their personal data exposed in more than 130 major security breaches. A more recent survey found that nearly 90 per cent of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies have experienced security breaches (that they know of!)

Five Mistakes of Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is viewed by some as an esoteric security management activity. Others see it as a simple process that needs to be done with Microsoft's monthly patch update. Yet another group considers it a marketing buzzword made up by vendors.
This article will look at common mistakes that organizations make on the path to achieving vulnerability management perfection, both in process and technology areas.