Stories by Kieren McCarthy

US prevails in Internet governance struggle

The United States has prevailed in the controversial fight over Internet governance and will retain overall control of the Internet's DNS, root servers and ICANN for the foreseeable future.

World's largest Linux migration gets major boost

The world's largest Linux migration is speeding ahead, with the German national railway announcing Wednesday it has successfully moved all its 55,000 Lotus Notes users onto the open-source operating system.

Are viruses incurable?

Life online is getting more miserable by the day. Spam has got so bad that just about every country is introducing legislation to deal with it. Now it seems not a day goes by without another virus making everyone's lives - especially sysadmins - that little bit harder.

Internet Explorer carved up by zero-day hole

Two new vulnerabilities have been discovered in Internet Explorer which allow a complete bypass of security and provide system access to a computer, including the installation of files on someone's hard disk without their knowledge, through a single click.

Mac OS X hit with another serious security issue

When it rains, it pours. Yet another "highly critical" hole has been found in Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system, which will allow remote system access by getting someone to visit a malicious website.

Mac OS X riddled with security holes

Apple Computer has released a range of patches for security holes -- both old and new -- for its Mac OS X operating system, which it advises users to download immediately.

ISS hit by major security hole

Security vendor Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS) -- which describes itself as the "most trusted name in Internet security" -- has been hit by a critical hole in a common component of its security software that can allow someone to run programs on a machine over the Net.

Sophos antivirus protection bypassed

Sophos PLC's anti-virus software can be bypassed by a virus-laden e-mail if it doesn't contain any MIME boundary definitions, the company has admitted.

Intel to give Linux support for Centrino

Intel is to give Linux support for its Centrino chipset, the company's general manager of software and solutions, Will Swope, has told journalists at the LinuxWorld conference in New York.

Sun falls sick with same IPSec/SSH bug as HP

Just a few days after Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) released a patch for a highly critical vulnerability in its Tru64 OS, it seems Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris 9 has fallen sick with the same bug.

Testers praise Intrusion Prevention Systems

The controversy surrounding the use of network intrusion tools shows no signs of slowing, with a group of independent testers coming out strongly in favor of so-called Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).