Stories by Franklin N. Tessler

High-Quality Education on the Web

Ask Jeeves Inc.: Ask Jeeves lets kids search the Web for answers to questions phrased in plain English ("Why are diamonds hard?"). Results are presented in a kid-friendly format, so children will probably find this site easier to use than general-purpose search engines. "

Computers in Education: Brave New World

With politicians pumping millions into technology for schools and parents snapping up iMacs and early-learning software for babies and toddlers, you'd think that computers were the ideal remedy for every educational problem. But even the most ardent supporters of computer-based learning admit that computers are no panacea. As Apple Computer Inc. CEO Steve Jobs noted in a 1996 interview in Wired magazine, "What's wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology." Just like any other educational tool, computers have the potential to do harm if they're not used properly.

Parents' Guide to Ergonomics

Today's kids spend hours in front of computers every day. If you think that's good news, you're not alone -- parents and educators everywhere are clamoring for increased funding for computers in the classroom. And after school comes even more computer time, as kids play games, chat, and do homework.