Stories by Don Tapscott

Help firms work with suppliers

Corporate success will hinge on the ability of companies to develop deeper relationships with their customers. This will also be true of their relationships with suppliers.

Use the Net to invest in relationships

One of the biggest challenges facing business leaders is identifying and nurturing relationship capital. This is the value of the relationships a company develops with its customers, suppliers and sometimes even competitors.

The Net result: relationships with customers

It's true that your Internet-equipped customers have more information, more choice and more power and that they can jump to a competitor's Web site with the click of a mouse. But it's also true that you can use the Net to build much deeper relationships with your customers than has ever been possible.

Linux blazes new trail of collaboration

Smart managers in all industries look at the now-legendary Linux phenomenon and wonder: "How can we do that? How can we exploit the collaborative powers of the Internet and draw on the intellectual capital of our customers to improve our products?"

OPINION:Forget the Skeptics: WAP Is Here to Stay

Don't believe the WAP skeptics. Wireless Internet access is the direction in which we will soon stampede, and right now, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is still on track to lead the thundering herd. So it's time to start incorporating WAP into your company's business model and IT infrastructure.

Net's Reach Even Extends to 4 P's of Marketing

Every business school graduate and marketing manager has learned the four P's of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. The paradigm was one of control, simple and unidirectional: Firms market to customers. We create products and define their features and benefits, set prices, select places to sell products and services and promote aggressively through advertising, public relations, direct mail and other in-your-face programs. We control the message.

Freenet May Make the Internet a Wilder Place

When Napster Inc.'s music-finding software appeared late last year, it helped fuel a global feeding frenzy in unauthorized MP3 music files by using the Internet to link the hard drives of millions of music fans.

More Power in Net Economy May Shift to the People

First it was Beanie Babies up for auction. Now it's people. Privately held startup eLance Inc. is gearing up to officially launch its Web site, which has been in beta testing since last summer. It allows independent contractors like graphic designers, editors, translators and even lawyers to peddle their services to the world.

Transmeta Chip May Hold Key for Computing's Future

The subdued reaction of some analysts to the Transmeta chip announcement tells me that they just don't get it. A powerful microprocessor that was designed from scratch to facilitate wireless Internet access will have a big impact on the workplace.

When it comes to e-business, GM gets it

When General Motors recently announced that it was forming a new worldwide e-GM business group, one of the biggest surprises was the aggressive language some GM executives used