Report: Love Bug Suspect Arrested

BOSTON (05/08/2000) - A suspect has been arrested in the ILOVEYOU virus case, according to a report from ABS-CBN, a major Philippines broadcast network.

The report identified the suspect as Rommel Ramos, a 32-year-old employee in Equitable Bank's computer division. He was arrested today at his home in a housing project in Manila, ABS-CBN reported.

He faces charges that he violated Republic Act 8484 or the Access Devise Act.

If charged and found guilty, he could receive up to 20 years in prison and also be fined.

The arrest was made by a joint task force consisting of the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FB() and the International Police, ABS-CBN said.

The ILOVEYOU, or love bug virus, and its variants swept the globe last week, causing billions of U.S. dollars of damage.