Intel Ships First FlexATX Motherboard

BOSTON (05/15/2000) - Intel Corp. said today it has started shipping to distributors and system integrators a new motherboard designed for smaller and sleeker desktop PCs.

Built around Intel's 810E chip set with integrated 3-D graphics, the D810EMO motherboard supports the full range of 370-pin PGA (pin grid array) Celeron and Pentium III processors and can house up to 256M bytes of SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) in a single DIMM (dual inline memory module) slot, Intel said in a statement.

The board supports 66MHz, 100MHz and 133MHz front-side bus speeds, and the speedy Ultra ATA/66 storage interface. Other features include two USB (universal serial bus) ports as well as on-board Creative Technology Ltd.

SoundBlaster audio and a local area network controller, Intel said.

Billed by Intel as a "reduced-legacy" design, the motherboard also features a low-power function called Suspend-to-RAM for speedier access to the system.

Some 30 percent smaller than a standard ATX motherboard, the FlexATX form factor measures 9 inches by 7.5 inches. It is also smaller than the 9.6-inch-by-8-inch microATX design.

The D810EMO is expected to carry a retail price from US$140 to $145, Intel said.

A major supplier of motherboards, chip giant Intel last week offered to replace as many as 1 million motherboards designed around its 820 chip set which had shipped with a faulty memory translator hub component. [See "Intel to Replace Defective 820 Motherboards," May 10.]Intel, in Santa Clara, California, can be reached at +1-408-987-8080 or via the Internet at