New Japan PM Pledges to Capitalize on IT Boom

TOKYO (04/07/2000) - Making his first appearance as Prime Minister before the Japanese parliament today, Yoshiro Mori delivered his policy speech and christened his administration the "cabinet for the rebirth of Japan."

The information technology revolution is one of several issues that is changing Japanese society forever, said Mori in the nationally televised address, as he pledged to lead Japan through these times of change.

In the field of technology, Mori said he would promote science and technology as part of the country's package for structural reform while formulating policies that "capitalize on the explosive force of the information technology revolution."

"In this vein I will earnestly strive toward the holding of the Internet Fair 2001 Japan," he said. The project is being planned by the Japanese Government as a way to celebrate the new millennium and will begin on December 31 this year and run for a year. The fair is intended to advance use of the Internet in Japan and is expected to see local public organizations and corporations organizing events online.

Mori became prime minister on Wednesday, succeeding Keizo Obuchi who remains in a coma in a Tokyo hospital after suffering a stroke on Sunday.