FRAMINGHAM (04/10/2000) - Network appliance: A specialized device that can access the Internet or private networks to perform defined tasks such as browsing a Web site or answering e-mail.

Network mapping (NMAP): A utility that scans large TCP/IP networks to discover ports that might be vulnerable to hackers.

SYN attack: Also known as "SYN flooding," this type of online attack exploits a flaw in the TCP/IP protocol to gain entry to a server and tie up multiple access points.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): A protocol that automatically assigns or "leases" an IP address to each user.

File transfer protocol (FTP): The basic method for exchanging files on the Internet.

Optical Carrier Level 3 (OC3): The speed of data transmission on an optical network, expressed as a multiple of the base (OC1) speed of 51.84M-bps. OC3 is Learn more about the VBS.Freelink Information about Information on the Freelink virus from Symantec Corp.'s antivirus research Information about Panda Software's antivirus software Panda Anti-Virus Platinum 6.0.