CA WORLD - CA shrinks sales and service divisions

  • SAMI LAIS (Computerworld)
  • 12 April, 2000 12:01

Organisations that use - or might use - tools and services from Computer Associates International should be hearing from fewer CA representatives because of a reorganised sales and customer service department.

The reorganisation of CA is only a first step, according to Sanjay Kumar, CA's president and COO. "We're embarking on an initiative to reengineer our business to more aggressively support e-business," he said.

Over the five days preceding CA's annual conference, CA World, the company restructured into three primary sales areas what had been "many divisions with many sales staff making many calls on many businesses," said James Holt, senior vice president of CA's professional services.

"There were too many people calling on customers, customers were getting calls from too many people," Holt said.

The three new primary sales areas will be: enterprise management, applications and OS/390 tools.

The division is modeled on typical client business structure, Holt said. "Typically, we'll talk to CIOs about suites of tools, whereas it's more marketing departments that we talk with about applications, e-business initiatives," he said.

A fourth group of about 150 strategic accounts will be managed from within the three primary areas, Holt said. Strategic account managers are salaried advisors to CA's largest customers.

Timing of the reorganisation was set to coincide with CA's acquisition in March of Sterling Software Systems. Over the next two or three weeks, Sterling's services group will be integrated into CA's newly restructured field organisation, said Charles B. Wang, CEO and chairman.

Sales and service for Sterling also was organised into about half a dozen units, Holt said. Integration of Sterling services into CA's new structure will allow Sterling teams to stay together, he said, to capitalise on the experience of consultants working together.

Details of the CA reorganisation in coming months were unavailable, but will reflect "an org chart where the customer is at the top," Holt said.