Brazilian Authorities Arrest NASA Hacker

SAO PAULO (03/24/2000) - A member of, one of the most famous group of hackers in Brazil, was tracked down yesterday by the Civil Police of São Paulo.

According to the police chief Mauro Marcelo de Lima e Silva, one of the group's leaders, whose nickname is Jamiez Jamiez, was arrested at his house and had his two PCs and other equipment confiscated. The group has been active since September of 1998 and has hacked dozens of sites, becoming well-known in the cyber underground.

According to Silva, Microsoft Corp. helped the police by breaking the Hotmail account used by the group. The police chief didn't reveal Jamiez's real name, but said that he is 22 years old and works as a security analyst for a company in Brazil. Jamiez is free while he mounts his defense; according to Silva, jailing him is unlikely because he doesn't have a criminal record. has allegedly hacked sites belonging to NASA and NATO, and numerous ones from local government.

Three days before he had his house searched, Jamiez gave an exclusive interview to IDG Now. He said the group consists of four young men with ages ranging between 19 and 22. The most difficult web site the group has ever hacked was that belonging to NATO, last December, he said.