A Walk Down Startup Street

FRAMINGHAM (08/01/2000) - See where the potholes and speed bumps are lurking Dotcom startups have been, and remain, potential paths paved in gold and glory, beckoning everyone--from junior programmers to CIOs. But the fickle stock market has warned dotcom hitchhikers that they're in for a rough ride. The demise of Inc. this past spring shows that even well-publicized companies with capable CIOs like John Puckett can crash and burn.

In our April 1, 2000, cover story, "Wheel of Misfortune?" we warned you to look before you leap to a dotcom. We also made it clear in our June 1, 2000, feature "How I Survived My IPO" that things don't necessarily get any easier after a startup goes public, despite the Wall Street fuel injection.

In this special report on startups, we urge you to hit the city streets of New York with CIO Arthur Tisi, as he leaves the safe environs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and heads downtown to dotcom startup Circline Inc. He'll share his thrills, chills and disappointments and leave you pondering the sagacity of his ultimate career decision.

Next, hop in the backseat as former eBay Inc. IT hero Bob Quinn and Mintu Bachann, new CIO of Inc., tour the byways of startup IT leadership, swapping questions and answers on fast growth and high-torque resistance to change.

Finally, take a closer look at the Mighty Quinn's newest ride, startup Portera Systems, and tell us what you think of the company's chances--will it cruise or crack up on the mean streets of the e-metropolis?