FRAMINGHAM (1/21/00) - Hewlett-Packard Co. recently launched software designed to eliminate known security holes in Windows NT-based Web servers. Typical out-of-the-box NT installations contain hundreds of potential security breaches against which users can protect themselves by using the new software, called Praesidium WebEnforcer, HP officials say.

HP also launched a subscription service called HP SecurityUpdate to accompany Praesidium WebEnforcer. The service keeps IT managers up-to-date on new NT vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Praesidium WebEnforcer is available now and costs $3,000 per server. The SecurityUpdate subscription service, which includes technical support, costs $700 per year.


Secure Computing Corp. has been awarded a contract from the National Security Agency to develop a secure version of Linux by mid-year. The company plans to modify the Linux kernel in such a way that applications and services would be protected by getting segmented into domains to which only specific file types would get access. Secure Computing intends to make its Linux secure kernel available commercially, as well.

Motive Communications Inc., a maker of software for automating customer support via the 'Net, last week announced it has acquired fellow Austin, Texas, firm Ventix Systems Inc., which offers software for answering end users' questions about complex applications and business processes. Motive's focus has been mainly on automating support for simpler desktop-related issues. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.