COMNET: AT&T Readies Outsourced Services

SAN MATEO (01/24/2000) - AT&T Corp. announced today a suite of LAN- and WAN-managed services along with a series of professional services aimed squarely at the enterprise manager with an increased zeal for outsourcing.

"One thing is becoming clear: The pace of technical innovation around IP and converged applications is very rapid, and the risks to a company making capital investments in today's technical climate have increased," said Mike Jenner, vice president and general manager of IP Network Services at AT&T.

AT&T's announcements look to offload some of those investments and risks.

For instance, the company's new Networked Messaging Management Service will conceptualize and deploy for an organization corporate e-mail systems based on products from Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM's Lotus Development.

In debuting the service, AT&T offered to take on full responsibility for the messaging platform during the migration from legacy to enterprise-wide e-mail and directory platforms.

AT&T also launched two other professional services: Advanced IP and Networking Security Consulting.

At the ComNet 2000 conference in Washington this week, AT&T will play up its new managed networking services offered through the company's Global Enterprise Management Systems division.

AT&T's Managed ATM service is aimed at enterprises migrating out of total reliance on frame-relay networks to newer technologies such as ATM or frame relay-to-ATM service interworking.

The company also launched its Managed Multi-Service Networking to support multiple environments.

For those looking to farm out LAN operations, AT&T offered its Managed LAN Utility, a plan that allows users to pay for service similar to the way they pay for utilities, based on the number of LAN ports they use.

Finally, AT&T also announced its Networked Server Monitoring offer which checks and reports the status of enterprise servers.

AT&T officials, however, have hinted that they will unveil an even bigger industry announcement at ComNet.

Officials offered few hints as to the announcement except that it will involve several key partners. The announcement will follow a ComNet keynote address by Kathleen Earley, head of AT&T's IP, data, and Managed Networked Services.

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