QuickTake: IntelliSeek's BullsEye2

With a billion or so pages and hundreds of search engines to choose from, how does one begin to find information on the Web?

IntelliSeek Inc. hopes the answer will be by using the company's Windows-based BullsEye 2 application from your desktop. BullsEye 2 can search multiple engines simultaneously, with over 700 different search sites built into its repository. In addition to being able to search the Web, the tool categorizes the different engines so users can tailor their search to specific areas, such as news, software, books and jobs.

Users can save queries for future use as well as convert search results into reports that can be stored as a Web page or e-mailed to colleagues. BullsEye 2 uses the Internet Explorer browser engine to display specific search results, so users do not have to switch between applications. (IntelliSeek recommends users have IE 4.0 or greater installed.) BullsEye 2 also works with the IE tool bar.

Version 2's biggest improvement over its predecessor is in the user interface.

Whereas the old interface was clunky and difficult to master, BullsEye 2 uses a friendlier Outlook-like interface.

The second biggest improvement is in the price: BullsEye 2 is now free.

Available for Windows 95, 98 and NT, it can be downloaded from the company's Web site. IntelliSeek recommends users have at least a 200-MHz Pentium processor, 32M bytes of RAM and 15M bytes of disk space.

In the works? IntelliSeek is developing a tool kit that will enable companies to use BullsEye 2 for searching intranet as well as Internet resources.