Enjoy the View

SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - So you've got a sleek new G4 Cube and you're ready to put it through its paces. Only one question: what do you use for a monitor?

The new Apple Computer Inc. Studio Display might fit the bill. The 17-inch monitor with a 16-inch viewable area looks how the engineers of the 1950s thought gadgets of the year 2000 would look. Straight out of Tomorrowland, the $499 display sports a Natural Flat Diamondtron CRT up front and a curvy, translucent design in back.

Other new monitors designed to complement the G4 Cube and the other G4 desktops include the 15-inch Apple Studio Display flat-panel monitor for $999 and the 22-inch Apple Cinema Display for $3,999.

All three displays are powered from the computer; they don't need a separate power cord. Each sports a two-port USB hub for peripherals. And all three use the Apple Display Connector, which carries analog and digital video signals, USB, and power over a single cable.