What's Hot

1. Cobalt Networks Inc. threatens to sue Apple Computer Inc. over new G4's cube shape.

Jittery Professor Rubik retains legal counsel - just in case.

2. Apple blows away critics by meeting deadline for releasing OS X beta.

If OS X beta isn't out when you read this, please delete everything between -blows and - deadline.

3. Publishing world convenes at Seybold conference in San Francisco.

Highlights include Steve Jobs keynote, Adobe Systems Inc. - Quark Inc. steel-cage match.

4. Adobe Photoshop 6 ships.

Now we can doctor photos more convincingly, exult tabloid publishers.

5. Apple ranked No. 36 in World's Most Valuable Brand survey.

But it's sure to move up after Mickey Mouse (No. 8), Nike Inc. Swoosh (No. 30) found in illicit tryst.