Integrated Graphics Program Slims Down

  • Ben Long (Computerworld)
  • 28 July, 2000 12:01

SAN FRANCISCO (07/27/2000) - In the market for graphics software but hesitant to spend hundreds of dollars? Deneba Systems Inc. has just the thing: Canvas 7 SE, a stripped-down version of the company's integrated graphics package. Like its older sibling, Canvas 7 SE packs a lot of power into a flexible, unified interface that lets you easily mix vector and bitmap graphics in a single document, though the sheer number of features may baffle novices. This version lacks high-end features such as color separation and calibration, but Deneba has wisely left in Canvas's excellent SpriteEffects technology, which makes complex layering and special effects a snap.

PROS:Innovative SpriteEffects; good selection of tools.

CONS:Huge feature set may intimidate novices.

List Price: US$100

COMPANY:305/596-5644, Deneba Systems

Advice:If you have modest graphics needs, Canvas 7 SE is the best software deal around, with powerful vector and bitmap drawing tools, as well as page-layout and Web authoring features.