Time Warner Opens Cable Network to Juno

WASHINGTON (08/01/2000) - Time Warner Inc., under pressure to open its cable television network to multiple Internet service providers (ISPs), has announced plans to allow Juno Online Services Inc. to offer Internet access over its network.

Juno will offer its existing dial-up customers who live in Time Warner Cable's service area a chance to upgrade to Juno Express, Juno's high-speed Internet service, Gary Baker, a spokesman for Juno, said Tuesday. But the date the service will be available is contingent upon Time Warner's obligations to RoadRunner, the only cable modem Internet access now available to Time Warner subscribers.

Time Warner's exclusive deal with RoadRunner continues through December 2001, but Time Warner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gerald Levin said last week during a hearing before the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that Time Warner is negotiating with RoadRunner to end the contract sooner.

The letter of intent signed by Time Warner and Juno will allow Juno to offer high-speed Internet access, content and applications, including video streaming, over Time Warner Cable's broadband network. Juno has about 3.3 million active users.

Levin hinted during last week's hearing that a deal was being discussed, saying there would be an announcement soon on an affiliate ISP agreement that would "confirm the marketplace template" for other ISPs to be offered by Time Warner Cable. [See "AOL, TW Execs: Merger Won't Harm Competition," July 27.]Juno also announced plans to join with Time Warner Cable in a multiple-ISP trial in Columbus, Ohio, aimed at identifying implementation issues.

Juno, in New York , can be reached at +1-212-597-9000 or found on the Web at; Time Warner, in New York, is at +1-212-484-8000 or at