IBM clouds workstation picture to hide the Sun

Rebranding its own workstations this week apparently wasn't enough for IBM.

In addition to unifying its workstation line under a common name, IBM has used some digital editing to cover its tracks after posting a picture on its Web site of an IBM researcher using a workstation from rival vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.

IBM had displayed the photo, of researcher Isaac Chuang, using a Sun workstation to operate one of IBM's quantum computers. The Sun logo was hard to see, but a sharp eye could catch it in the lower left corner of the workstation.

IBM's lapse in judgement was reported in January by The Register, after a Sun engineer mailed the picture to the UK-based news Web site. The photo must have been embarrassing for Big Blue, which has since touched up the picture to conceal any mention of its arch rival. Dr. Chuang has been repositioned to hide the Sun logo.

IBM did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

The company managed to make sure its own workstations received the right logos this week, when it unified its Unix, Linux and Windows workstations under the IntelliStation brand.

The altered picture can be found at$FILE/qcomp_research_big.jpg/ .