Training Buyers Guide: A snapshot of seminars, short courses and university programs as supplied by the training providers by deadline.

A snapshot of seminars, short courses and university programs as supplied by the training providers by deadline.

ALC Training

A comprehensive e-commerce syllabus covers a number of courses including: E-commerce/Management Seminar, Successful E-Business Implementation, E-commerce Security, Understanding PKI, Verisign Certified Administrator and Verisign Certified Engineer.

These courses are regularly held in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland as well as other Australian capitals and selected Asian cities.

Pricing: on application.

Contact: (02) 9493 7755.

Australian Catholic University

School of Business and Informatics

The School of Business and Informatics at Australian Catholic University offers a range of options to students seeking e-commerce education at its MacKillop Campus, North Sydney, NSW. Subjects including E-Commerce, Web Technologies, Distributed Systems, Applied Data Communications, IS Security and Current Issues in Information Systems are offered as part of Masters, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate Courses in Information Systems or towards a specialist qualification in Electronic Commerce. Students are able to choose the extent of their specialisation in the e-commerce field and combine these flexibly with other information systems subjects and/or subjects from the Master of Management.

Pricing: $1000 per 12-week subject

Contact: (02) 9739 2237

Australian Graduate

School of Management


A one-day course set for November 8, 2000. Details of course not available at time of print.

Contact: (02) 9931 9333

Australian Institute of Management (AIM), VicIntroduction to Electronic CommerceThe course is designed for all managers who have limited or no understanding of the Internet and e-commerce. It will assist in understanding basic concepts of the Internet, key processes for which electronic commerce is more appropriate, key techniques for marketing on the Web, strategic issues relating to the planning of a move into electronic commerce.

Duration - Half day (9am - 12.30pm). Next course set for November 23, 2000.

Cost: $190 (members), $210 (non-members).

Contact: (03) 9534 8181

AIM Western Australia


e-commerce (Module 3)

Topics cover the ways many organisations are achieving significant improvements and cost savings by using 'back end' e-commerce. Identify the main areas of value chain where e-commerce could be applied for cost reduction or process efficiency improvements; develop a high-level plan for using B2B e-commerce. A one-day course, the next is set for November 1, 2000.

Business to consumer

e-commerce (Module 4)

Topics addressed explain what is involved in B2C e-commerce and why a well thought out growth path is essential to longer-term success. Understand elements of B2C e-commerce; identify main strategies being used in this area, prepare a high level plan for business in the use of B2C e-commerce. Next course set for November 15, 2000.

Cost: Each course is $317.50 (members), $367.50 (non-members)Contact: (08) 9383 8088 UniversityMaster of Electronic CommerceThe degree is designed as an e-commerce professional conversion degree and builds on the business and IT education and knowledge of candidates. This course of 12 subjects, normally over three semesters.

Contact: (07) 5595 2254

Central Queensland University

Faculty of Informatics

and Communication

Central Queensland University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in electronic commerce.

Bachelor of E-Commerce is three years full time or six years part time as an internal course in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne International campuses, and in Hong Kong and Singapore. The program incorporates a mix of commerce, computing, business systems, multimedia and Internet technology together with electives of your choice.

Pricing: $9920 annual (full-time study load)Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma are available over six months full-time, one year full-time, and two years full-time respectively. The postgraduate e-commerce programs provide graduates with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and qualifications in e-commerce and the flexibility to tailor study to meet individual needs.

Masters of Electronic Commerce

This two-year, full-time course has been developed for practitioners who recognise the need to develop their marketing, business and other competencies within the new e-business environment. $5415 graduate certificate, $10,830 annual for Graduate Diploma and Master E-CommerceContact: 1300 360 444 University of TechnologyMaster of Commerce, Electronic CommerceAimed at professionals who recognise that e-commerce and the Internet will radically change the way we do business, these courses provide students with the ability to take leadership roles in the introduction of Internet-based business and management practices.

The Masters of Commerce, Electronic Commerce is 18 months full-time. Other courses include Master of Electronic Commerce, 12 months full-time. Postgraduate Diploma in Business - Electronic Commerce - one year (course offered electronically); and Graduate Certificate in Electronic Commerce, two semesters part time (course offered electronically.)Contact - (08) 9266 7685 Cowan University, Perth Executive Certificate in E-CommerceThis program presents a blend of the technical issues, human resource issues, legal and societal issues as well as the business planning and strategic management issues that are required in today's organisations.

The overall aim is to provide skills to operate Internet software as an end user, design Web pages, develop electronic commerce strategies and a practical understanding of related legal and societal issues.

Pricing: $1100 per unit

Contact: (08) 9273 8752


Educom provides training in the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) certification which is an internationally recognised certification endorsed by International Webmasters Association (IWA), Association of Internet Professionals (AIP) and The Internet Certification Institute International (ICII).

One of the most popular certifications in the CIW series is that of e-commerce. The E-Commerce Strategy and Practices is a five-day course that teaches students how to conduct business online and the technological issues associated with constructing an electronic commerce Web site. At Educom students get hands-on experience implementing the technology to engage card holders, merchants, issuers, payment gateways and other parties in electronic transactions.

Pricing: Five-day E-Commerce Strategies and Practices course, $2500Contact: (02) 9409 8900 Graduate School of ManagementCourses combine the management and business issues surrounding e-commerce with a technical perspective, highlighting the technologies available for organisations and their utilisation. Postgraduate Certificate in Electronic Commerce Management, three units:

Cost - $5985

Postgraduate Diploma in Electronic Commerce Management, seven unitsCost - $11,970Master of Management in Electronic Commerce Management, 11 unitsCost - $19,950Contact: (02) 9850 9017 Business Informatione-Security seminar: Surviving cyber sabotageSydney November 27 to 28, Melbourne November 29 to 30, Canberra December 4 to 5.

E-Business may be growing at an exponential rate, but unfortunately cyber crimes, viruses, security breaches and other forms of cyber sabotage keep pace with each advancement, with new holes being discovered every day. Whether it's a 14-year-old anarchist or a competitor, the threat to organisations is alarmingly real. This seminar features practical information on dealing with cyber crime and protecting your organisation. It will allow you to understand the risks your organisation is facing; develop business strategies to manage the risk; manage budgeting strategies to ensure realistic protection; implement a disaster recovery planning strategy and deal with the legalities knowing your rights and obligations.

Pricing: $1985

Contact: (02) 9236 7277

Monash University

Graduate Diploma in E-Commerce

All courses are offered by distance education. They are relevant for those responsible for overseeing the e-commerce applications within their organisation and are designed to provide graduates with an opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills in contemporary theory, processes and practices of electronic commerce. The Graduate Diploma is two years part-time. Graduate Certificate in Electronic Commerce is one-year part-time.

Contact: (03) 9902 6380


Technology-based training (TBT) company NETg has added a range of new e-commerce courses aimed at helping IT departments evaluate and understand e-commerce options and to maximise current skills. The e-commerce curriculum covers:

* Introduction to e-commerce

* Building an e-commerce business case

* Evaluation of e-commerce options

* E-commerce implementation issues

* E-commerce security

Pricing: The cost for all five e-commerce courses for a single user is $750; 10 users is $5000 and 30 users is $10,000.

Contact: (02) 9460 2016

RMIT University

The Department of Computer Science at RMIT University has a 100 per cent online course called Strategic E-Business. It leads executives and interested individuals into the New Economy.

This 13-week course covers: e-commerce versus the physical paradigm, payment systems, security, project management, establishing a Web site, legal systems, customer acceptance, and more.

Pricing: $690

Contact: 0413 222 320

University of New England

The Graduate Certificate in E-Commerce and Master of Commerce (E-Commerce) are joint initiatives by the Faculty of Economics Business & Law and the Faculty of the Sciences. These fee-paying course work only programs provide a means of obtaining advanced-level qualifications in e-commerce. These awards provide a first course for those students wishing to extend their knowledge of e-business generally and offer specific career enhancement for those students seeking a greater concentration in this particular discipline. To be eligible for admission to the Graduate Certificate in E-Commerce, a candidate must have completed a three-year degree in any discipline or hold equivalent qualifications. To qualify for the Graduate Certificate in E-Commerce a candidate must successfully complete four online course work units: Introduction to E-Commerce, Information Technology for E-commerce, E-Marketing and an E-Commerce Practicum. Another four units must be completed to attain the Masters level qualification and students may choose from Internet applications in the areas of Law, Economics, and Finance.

Pricing: Australian students and permanent residents unit fee: $780 per 6-credit-point unit. Total Cost of Award $3120 per year part time study. International students unit fee $1250 per 6-credit-point-unit, total cost of award $5000 per year part-time study.

Contact: (02) 6773 2735

University of NSW

Faculty of Commerce and Economics

Master of Commerce in E-Business Management and Knowledge ManagementThe Faculty of Commerce and Economics at the University of New South Wales will be introducing two new specialisations to its Master of Commerce program. The first new stream in E-Business Management is about doing business electronically and strategically. It involves the use of electronic technologies and the Internet together to design, produce, and deliver goods, and operates through new business models, where agility is the key to success and organisational strategies, processes, competencies and cultures are fundamentally changed. This program will provide multidisciplinary perspective on the conditions and drivers of e-business success.

The second new stream in the Master of Commerce at UNSW is in the area of Knowledge Management. This discipline is an emergent response to a 'third wave', digital or knowledge economy. The new stream in knowledge management will provide a multidisciplinary perspective on knowledge management as an emergent organisational phenomenon, providing an orientation to working and managing in a context where knowledge is a central driver of organisational success.

Pricing: $1500 per course (MCom)

Contact: (02) 9385 3187

University of Qld, Brisbane

School of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Master of Information Technology, Master of Information EnvironmentsThe degrees are three-semester postgraduate courses, designed for students who may have a backgound in a discipline other than IT yet wish to enter this rapidly advancing field. Students are also able to progress through a suite of study, starting with a one-semester Graduate Certificate, then the Graduate Diploma (two semesters) and finally the Masters degree.

The Master of Information Technology (MInfTech) at the St Lucia campus provides graduates with skills in programming, software design, database technology, human-computer interaction, networking and practical project management. The MInfTech will prepare graduates for the high-technology employment opportunities of the future arising in many fields including banking, telecommunications, defence, commerce, government, health, education and many other areas.

The Master of Information

Environments (MInfEnv) at the Ipswich campus includes core subjects from the MInfTech yet focuses on the human side of computing. Information Environments graduates will explore design issues related to creating computing environments that support the interaction between people, communication, and shared information on networked systems. Graduates will be the architects of cyberspace and pursue careers in multimedia design, interaction design, usability engineering, and information systems design.

Pricing: $1200 per subject

Master of Commerce (Electronic Commerce)This is a course of three semesters full-time or nine semesters part-time and develops a student's knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principals of e-commerce. Information system skills will be developed to enable students to work with end users and technologists in a team.

Contact: (07) 3365 3840 and www.infenv.csee.uq.ed

University of South Australia

Master of Business (e-business)

Take advantage of the growth employment markets in e-business by undertaking a one year full-time (or two years part-time) Masters degree. This Master of Business course, one year full-time or two years part-time, offers entrepreneurs with an undergraduate qualification the opportunity of postgraduate education in one of the most dynamic areas of business. E-business is at the forefront of organisational change where the opportunities are high and so are the risks. There is a strong emphasis on self-directed learning, teamwork and an international perspective. This course focuses on preparing managers to make informed decisions about IT and communications in the digital economy and to understand the risk profiles of those decisions.

Students will apply appropriate theories to solve practical problems and will understand current techniques and research used in decision-making.

The demand for graduates with up- to-date knowledge of the application of IT in business and in e-business continues to grow.

Pricing: $15,000 for the full course

Contact: (08) 8302 0185

University of Southern Qld

Australian Graduate School of Business (Faculty of Business)Master of e-BusinessUSQ responded to business executives' frequently requested alternative means of completing postgraduate studies by introducing the online Master of e-Business.

The Master of e-Business program has been designed to give executives the strategic and tactical capabilities to take advantage of e-business and to add value to their companies. At the completion of this program, Master of e-Business graduates will have the skills to make strategic e-business decisions and to oversee design, development and deployment of e-business solutionPricing: $900 per unit/12-unit courseContact: (07) 4631 1881 of Southern Qld, Australian Graduate School of Business (Faculty of Business)Master of e-BusinessThe Australian Graduate School of Business Master's programs are delivered to students throughout the world by our World Best distance education program. In 1999, the Executive Committee of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) awarded the University of Southern Queensland the Institutional Prize of Excellence for a dual mode institution in recognition of the University's very significant contribution to providing education-at-a-distance, worldwide.

USQ responded to business executives' frequently requested alternative means of completing postgraduate studies by introducing the online Master of e-Business.

The Master of e-Business program has been designed to give executives the strategic and tactical capabilities to take advantage of e-business and to add value to their companies.

At the completion of this program, Master of e-Business graduates will have the knowledge and skills to make strategic e-business decisions and to oversee the design, development and deployment of e-business solutions.

Pricing: $900 per unit in a 12-unit courseContact: (07) 4631 1552 of Western Sydney, NepeanSchool of Computing and IT Electronic commerce is transforming the way individuals and companies operate and compete.

The School of Computing & IT, at UWS-N, offers, e-commerce management oriented subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The subjects give an understanding of the challenges, opportunities, issues and threats of electronic commerce as more and more enterprises, suppliers, channels, and customers become closely coupled to an electronic marketspace. The subjects include Internet, intranets and extranets; electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic funds transfer (EFT), smart cards and electronic money; electronic payment systems, mobile-commerce, security, legal and ethical issues, and taxation implications in electronic commerce.

Pricing: $1700

Contact: (02) 9685 9556