EditDV 2.0

SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - PROS:Pro-quality precision and effects; welcome enhancements.

CONS:Complex; manual and tech support need improvement.

List Price:$499; with FireWire card, $599COMPANY:650/404-6300, Digital Origin Inc.


Advice:Despite minor flaws, EditDV 2.0 is cutting-edge, efficient, and rich in special effects (such as picture-in-a-picture, blue screen, and animated text).

Digital video-editing software ranges from Apple Computer Inc.'s free iMovie to its $1,000 Final Cut Pro. If your needs fall somewhere in between those extremes, you have two choices: Adobe System Inc.'s Premiere or the newly enhanced EditDV, an increasingly popular powerhouse for pros and semipros.

Version 2.0 offers unflashy but practical enhancements: the ability to trim clips by dragging their ends, multiple-clip selection, contextual menus, and more. What hasn't changed: the understaffed help line (a one-hour wait is typical), the novice-hostile manual (with Windows illustrations), and a timeline window that shows only clip names, not images.