QuicKeys 5.0

SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - Rating:

PROS:More useful than ever.

CONS:More complex than ever.

List Price:$100

COMPANY:800/523-7638, CE Software Inc.


Advice:QuicKeys 5.0's enhancements are fairly minor, and the interface remains complex. Still, even if you master only enough of the program to create a handful of macros, QuicKeys will quickly pay for itself by saving you both time and repetitive stress.


It's been so long since CE Software's QuicKeys got any press, those in Generation iMac may not even know of its existence. This remarkable program can record and then automatically play back any action you take on your Mac: jumping to a certain Web page, renaming every file in a folder, typing boilerplate text, and so on. You trigger QuicKeys' macros with a keystroke; through a menu, palette, or desktop icon; or by timer. With version 5, you can also trigger a macro by speaking its name. Other improvements include the ability to create tabbed tool bars and turn on a password-protected screen saver.